How We Started

Welcome to Buffbunny Collection! This brand was created by Heidi Somers in San Antonio, Texas, during the year 2016. Heidi recognized the need for a women-owned fitness apparel brand that was diverse and inclusive and set out to create one. A brand designed for women by women. From the custom fabrics to the creative designs, Buffbunny Collection thoughtfully focuses on making items for every type of woman.

Heidi combined her love for fashion with her passion for fitness to create beautiful, high-quality, and functional pieces for different body types. She wanted to provide an experience for customers unlike any other. Customers loved the unique designs, high-quality fabrics, how amazing the pieces fit, and the stunning packaging details. The launch of the first collection was out of her home, designing all of the items herself for the first two years until a design team was hired on to help.

"Clothing may not change the world, but the women who wear them will"

Why We Continued

With the first launch's success, Buffbunny Collection quickly took over the owner's entire home and led to long packing days of 18+ hours straight. With a small team of 3 employees, the company moved into the first warehouse of 2,000 square-feet that was outgrown in 6 months. As the company continued to flourish, Heidi decided to move operations to Houston, Texas. Doing this allowed the company to move into a 60,000 warehouse, access more diverse models, experienced photographers/videographers, content creators, and more! What started as an observation and idea has led to a successful woman-owned and operated fitness apparel brand!

We are so grateful for our customers, the growth over the years, and the ability to celebrate every BODY out there! We can't wait to continue growing with you by our side.

Our Mission

We create every piece from the ground up with every woman and every BODY in mind. Our team spends months, if not years, perfecting every item we release with a goal that you feel confident, comfortable, and ready to take on every challenge that comes your way.

We capture our designs on women from all different walks of life and diverse backgrounds. We understand that every woman is unique, from the curves on her body to the challenges she faces in her life and the circumstances given. As a team and as women, we feel it is essential for all women to be seen and celebrated. We full-heartedly believe in making each woman's strength, beauty, and power known to her and helping her express those unique qualities with each piece that we launch.
We aim to provide you all with the best experience, from our customized prints to our detailed branded packaging, where we also include fun theme stickers and our thank you card.

We take pride in our pieces, message, team, and brand. We hope that every one of you gets to experience what it is like to be a part of the Buffbunny Collection community!