Quality Products

Every piece we launch is designed in house by our team and are all limited edition items. Style, comfort, and performance are just a few things we keep in mind when creating our products. We design unique and innovative pieces that we hope will help change your game or make your life a little easier. Once a design is approved by our CEO we hand pick the fabric, custom color, custom print, choose luxury notions such as buttons, zippers, branding, and more to perfect the item. Every detail of the piece is thought about before the sampling process. It takes anywhere from 6-24 months to go from an idea to the final product ready to be sold. We use high quality branded packaging to give our customers the ultimate luxurious experience. All packaging is 100% recyclable.



Creative Themes

We launch an entire new collection of designs every 4-8 weeks. We are most known for our creative themes within each collection.
Our design team plans out all of the designs and collections for up to 2 years surrounded by each theme. Every color and design is named specifically to be in harmony with the theme. A few collections we've recently released are the Boss Collection, Rebel with a Cause Collection, Frozen Collection, Let's Get Toned Collection, and others! Follow our instagram page to see what else we have up our sleeves!


Buffbunny Collection only works with high-quality manufacturers, as well as higher end fabrics. The manufacturers we work with are located in different parts of the world (Vietnam, Turkey, China, etc) depending on which fabric and detailing we use for the product. The United States has manufacturers for simple knits but the luxurious high performance fabrics we use are found overseas. The manufacturers we use are all fair trade and we have on site visits (by third party companies as well as staff) to ensure workers are treated/paid fairly, the factory is clean and organized, safe and healthy working conditions, quality control of products is priority, and zero child labor. 

Preventing Waste

We focus on creating quality and durable apparel that will last longer and prevent waste. We have various processes in place to limit any waste within the company. On the rare occasion we have fabric leftover we turn them into headbands and scrunchies. All in-house samples are worn by staff, as well as donated to the local women’s shelters. If an item is defective and cannot be worn it is donated to the Art Institute for the students to use for class.

All of our packaging is 100% recyclable and some parts are also made from recycled materials.