Hero Hoodie


Hero Hoodie

$12 USD $62 USD

Our Hero Hoodie is unlike any other piece out there and holds a very special place in our hearts. We have partnered with our local women's shelter HAWC (Houston Area Women's Center) to make this custom hoodie. We asked survivors who stayed in the shelters to write down their favorite quote that got them through their most difficult times, and we took all of their powerful words and created a print. We used this print to design unique hoodies to remind every woman of the strength within them. Our Hero Hoodie is designed with our luxurious and stretchy plush fabric, a soft brushed interior, and a custom hand-written print designed on the front in a flattering "V" taper. The branded drawstrings are also color-matched to each hoodie to stay subtle and luxurious.

A percentage of sales will be donated to our local Houston Area Women's Center. 

Fabric: Cotton, Spandex

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